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‘Only-the-Pasta-needs-Cooking’ Lumpfish Caviar Spaghettini

6 Sep


You only need to cook the pasta. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Salty, ocean-y goodness in 15 minutes.

Lumpfish Caviar Spaghettini

1. Boil 1 portion of spaghettini or Angel Hair Pasta in plenty of water until it is al dente.
2. Toss cooked pasta in olive and dish onto serving plate.
3. Snip about 2 or 3 chives over pasta.
4. Sprinkle over a pinch or 2 of sea salt.
5. Place a dollop (a teaspoon and a lil more) of Lumpfish Caviar on top of the pasta.
6. Just like toss it up and Dig in!



Shimeji Pasta シメジパスタ

4 Oct

I had a sudden craving for my favourite Shimeiji Pasta from my japanese cousin M this past weekend and finally got my hands on the recipe! (Thank you, M chan! ♥♥♥) M is a fantasticschmantastic cook with influences from both her Japanese and Singaporean heritage – whipping up recipes with ingredients that are in season. Continue reading

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