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Deconstructed Apple Pie (minus the pie)

7 Dec


The lil one had finished his meal (a whole serving and a half) but he wanted more! “Give him some apple.” everyone chimed. So the lil one gets ¼ of a Japanese Fuji Apple, and amazingly finishes it.
What does one do with ¾ of an apple, 3 adults to feed for dessert, vanilla ice cream in the freezer, a still-warm oven and 20 mins to lil one’s wind-down time? 🙂 *lightbulb appears over head* Continue reading


Easy Peasy Simply Japanese-Y Cookyn Party

28 Dec

Hear Ye Hear Ye! I’m really thrilled! Cos I’m going to be having my very first cooking class (since relief teaching Home Econs Classes!) at Cookyn with Mervyn’s Studio (it’ll be Cookyn with Charlotte for one January morning hee!)! *excite*

Easy Peasy Simply Japanese-Y Cookyn Party
15 Jan (Saturday) 10.30am at Cookyn with Mervyn
273 Thomson Road #04-01 (Lift Lobby B)


It’ll be a good time of fun and drinks (wine provided), and in the meantime, you’ll learn how to cook and eat along the way!

Watch and get hands-on action on some recipes that I’ve shared on my blog and learn the basics of classic and modern Japanese home-style dishes that are quick and simple to whip up. It’d be a great alternative menu for CNY Reunion Dinner too!

On the Menu
1. Chawanmushi 茶碗蒸し
2. Mentaiko 明太子 Spaghettini (Spicy Cod Roe Spaghettini)
3. Koro Koro Beef Steak with Vegetables and Ponzu ポン酢 Sauce
4. Matcha 抹茶 (Green Tea) Ice Cream in a Jiffy!


– Tips on how to make the perfect chawanmushi – as smooth as Tao Huey 豆花!
– DIY Ice Cream in a Jiffy – no Ice Cream Maker needed!
– Mentaiko Spaghettini ready in just 5 steps – including the trip to the supermarket!

How do I Join?

It’s really easy joining a Cookyn Party – simply click here to BOOK yourself at slot at Cookyn with Mervyn’s website. And here’s  a map to help you find your way!

See you there!

PS: this is my first post with no photos – cos you’ll be sharing yours with me after the class! yippee!!!

Honey Panna Cotta with Blueberries and Graham Crackers

13 Oct

If I remember correctly, I made this Honey Panna Cotta, which I adapted from A16: Food + Wine, because K had mentioned to me that she wanted very much to try Panna Cotta and if I could make some for her one day! Well, I gladly obliged 🙂 [On a side note, I must say that while A16’s food blew me away – not in a fancy moleculargastronomy sense but in a comfort food I can eat everyday sense, the cookbook, I found is a little hard to follow/ tedious in its recipes. This I suppose makes my meal at A16 that much more precious 🙂 All visitors to San Fran Listen Up! A16 is a must go you hear me?]

Anyways back to the dessert, I made a no. of modifications along the way ’cause I didn’t want to spend TOO much time making buckwheat cookies, so here’s my adaptation of A16’s Honey Panna Cotta: Continue reading

Ice Cream in 15 Minutes

21 Sep

I had no idea until J told me on Sunday that you could make ice cream without an ice cream maker and all the fancy schmancy ingredients. He said,”Search for it on YouTube. You only need milk and sugar and all you have to do is jiggle it in a bag.” Being the lazy cook that I am – I was ITCHING to make it and I finally have!!!
Continue reading


3 Jul

Thanks to one of Cannelle et Vanille’s recent posts on her blog – A Trio of Frozen Treats, I’ve just discovered the joys (and easy peasiness) of making sorbet (read: sor-bay) – an especially refreshing treat on any day! Sorbet is simply sweetened water mixed with pur éed fruit.

I had to improvise a bit on the original recipe  so here’s my version of Cannelle’s Peach, Basil and Lemon Thyme Sorbet. Continue reading

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