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Deconstructed Apple Pie (minus the pie)

7 Dec


The lil one had finished his meal (a whole serving and a half) but he wanted more! “Give him some apple.” everyone chimed. So the lil one gets ¼ of a Japanese Fuji Apple, and amazingly finishes it.
What does one do with ¾ of an apple, 3 adults to feed for dessert, vanilla ice cream in the freezer, a still-warm oven and 20 mins to lil one’s wind-down time? 🙂 *lightbulb appears over head* Continue reading


Apple Pie Macarons

26 Jul

Gimmemy Gimmemy Gimmemy Apple Pie Maaacs 🙂

I had a chance 3 weekends ago to make a batch of Apple Pie Macarons for a friend’s birthday (her friends and family contributed all her favourite foods and desserts). As with all Macaron-making, I was hoping and praying throughout the process that the “Diva Desserts” would turn out alright and oh how they did! I certainly could not have done them without the help of some darling girls (you know who you are *hugs*)

This recipe came to me during the height of my Macaron Making Madness season – poor R had many a breakfast of macaron shells that did not make the cut, is that true love or what? Inspired by various foods that I’d had before, I’d toyed with a couple of different flavours such as Mango Sticky Rice (Coconut shells with Mango Jam), Spa Esprit Tea (Lemon Shells with Honey Ginger filling) and the all-time favourite combi of Green Tea with Azuki (Red Bean) filling 🙂 And along came the idea of Apple Pie – Cinnamon Shells with Apple Caramel filling and me like! Continue reading

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