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Churn-It-Yourself Strawberry Ice Cream

18 Sep
DIY Strawberry Ice Cream

CIY Strawberry Ice Cream

I MISS BLOGGING! Too long a hiatus this time round but I have a good reason! We baked a 2nd bun in the oven – a baby girl! That’s a good reason right? 🙂 Anyways I’m back!

Have you caught on with all the fancy popsicle and ice cream making tools from Zoku? We got the 2 cavity popsicle maker and the ice cream maker – really great ideas for doing these things in your home and without really having to wait for hours. It’s done in 7 -10 minutes! I thought it’d be a neat idea to do this with my 3 yr old son but something I’ve learnt is… 7 mins is 7 mins too long for a 3 yr old to wait.

Nevertheless, this is a little bit of review of the products and also a recipe for making your own Churn-It-Yourself (CIY) Ice Cream at home.

Zoku Ice Cream Maker – the bowl is really only single serve and the proportions that are given in the Zoku Recipe that comes with the maker makes 4- 5 times more than the bowl can hold. My experience was a little disappointing but it was probably largely due to the fact that my ice cream mix probably wasn’t chilled enough. So even after an hour of putting the unit in the freezer, we still had extremely slushy ice cream. And what do you do with the extra portions of ice cream mix? I decided to put the remainder in my Tupperware FreezerMate and CIY (you can of course use any freezer friendly container with a lid).

CIY Ice Cream – I placed all the fruits and dry ingredients (recipe adapted from Zoku’s Ice Cream Maker manual below) in this awesome hand-pull mixer called the Extra Chef from Tupperware (cuts and whips over 200 times every 15 seconds) and chopped them all up and after it got all nice and mushy, added the liquid ingredients and used the whip attachment and whipped the bugger out of the mix! I felt this would be really key in aerating the mix which gave nice texture to the frozen result, albeit a tad icy cos I had to fully freeze it after 3 hours. For a better texture, this process would take you more time but it’s kind of like taking sips of water throughout the day, you go to your freezer take out the mix every hour and mix it about and return it to the freezer and at the end of 6 hours you have Ice Cream! I thought this would also be a good time to do a throwback to another DIY Ice Cream method I shared some time back with a few simple household supplies.

Churn-it-Yourself Strawberry Ice Cream


1½ cups rinsed and hulled fresh strawberries
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 tbsp honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon Kosher salt
1¼ cups heavy cream
1¼ cups whole milk


1. Puree the strawberries, sugar vanilla extract and salt in a blender or food processor.
2. Add the cream and milk and pulse to combine.
3. Chill ice cream mixture and stir well before using.
4. Place mixture in a freezer-friendly container and place in the freezer.
5. Do spot-checks every hour and churn it before placing back in the freezer. Repeat over 6 hours.
6. Scoop and Lick!

Now my challenge is how to keep this away from my son 😛 Am going to try dairy-free ice cream next! Watch out for that!

Upclose with Strawberry Ice Cream

Upclose with Strawberry Ice Cream


Deconstructed Apple Pie (minus the pie)

7 Dec


The lil one had finished his meal (a whole serving and a half) but he wanted more! “Give him some apple.” everyone chimed. So the lil one gets ¼ of a Japanese Fuji Apple, and amazingly finishes it.
What does one do with ¾ of an apple, 3 adults to feed for dessert, vanilla ice cream in the freezer, a still-warm oven and 20 mins to lil one’s wind-down time? 🙂 *lightbulb appears over head* Continue reading

Sticky Date Toffee Pudding

4 Mar

At long last! After years of trepidation and pure laziness and only wanting to eat Marmalade Pantry’s Sticky Date Toffee Pudding, I decided OK it’s really time for you to GET UP AND DO IT!

Thankfully I found me a fantastic recipe in one of my donna hay magazines and I made some for a tea party with old school friends and turned one into a birthday cake for one of them (trick candle and all *wink*, old-school style). Anyways here’s the recipe adapated from donna hay and my own ice cream recipe for you 🙂 Continue reading

Easy Peasy Simply Japanese-Y Cookyn Party

28 Dec

Hear Ye Hear Ye! I’m really thrilled! Cos I’m going to be having my very first cooking class (since relief teaching Home Econs Classes!) at Cookyn with Mervyn’s Studio (it’ll be Cookyn with Charlotte for one January morning hee!)! *excite*

Easy Peasy Simply Japanese-Y Cookyn Party
15 Jan (Saturday) 10.30am at Cookyn with Mervyn
273 Thomson Road #04-01 (Lift Lobby B)


It’ll be a good time of fun and drinks (wine provided), and in the meantime, you’ll learn how to cook and eat along the way!

Watch and get hands-on action on some recipes that I’ve shared on my blog and learn the basics of classic and modern Japanese home-style dishes that are quick and simple to whip up. It’d be a great alternative menu for CNY Reunion Dinner too!

On the Menu
1. Chawanmushi 茶碗蒸し
2. Mentaiko 明太子 Spaghettini (Spicy Cod Roe Spaghettini)
3. Koro Koro Beef Steak with Vegetables and Ponzu ポン酢 Sauce
4. Matcha 抹茶 (Green Tea) Ice Cream in a Jiffy!


– Tips on how to make the perfect chawanmushi – as smooth as Tao Huey 豆花!
– DIY Ice Cream in a Jiffy – no Ice Cream Maker needed!
– Mentaiko Spaghettini ready in just 5 steps – including the trip to the supermarket!

How do I Join?

It’s really easy joining a Cookyn Party – simply click here to BOOK yourself at slot at Cookyn with Mervyn’s website. And here’s  a map to help you find your way!

See you there!

PS: this is my first post with no photos – cos you’ll be sharing yours with me after the class! yippee!!!

Strawberry Honey Vanilla Ice Cream

5 Oct

Just made this tonight with B’s help but sadly we couldn’t have it after dinner! Done exactly the same way as I’d done before in Ice Cream in 15 Minutes

Strawberry Honey Vanilla Ice Cream Continue reading

Ice Cream in 15 Minutes

21 Sep

I had no idea until J told me on Sunday that you could make ice cream without an ice cream maker and all the fancy schmancy ingredients. He said,”Search for it on YouTube. You only need milk and sugar and all you have to do is jiggle it in a bag.” Being the lazy cook that I am – I was ITCHING to make it and I finally have!!!
Continue reading

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