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Cheaterbug Eggs Ben

6 Jun

We all love eggs ben don’t we? Show me someone who doesn’t like eggs ben (and I’ll make him like it! hahaha jkidding) but really, I’ve not found someone who doesn’t like it! and a month ago i declared Saturdays as ‘Eggs Ben Saturdays’ 🙂 *cheer* and we made ‘Eggs Ben’ 3 weeks in a row! and the reason why it’s ‘Eggs Ben’ and not Eggs Ben is cos it’s our very own Cheaterbug Eggs Ben – for when you dont know how to poach an egg, have got all the ingredients you want in an Eggs Ben (anything goes) and you have *drumroll* (cos it’s the most important ingredient of all – HOLLANDAISE SAUCE. No sauce no talk. Capisce? 🙂 Continue reading


Not the last Risott(o)

3 Apr

Risotto al Nero di Seppia

Risotto Milanese with Chicken and Prosciutto

Rummaging through our larder a couple of weeks back we found 4 packets of pre-seasoned risotto from Florence – 2 Risotto Milanese (Saffron) and 2 Risotto al Nero di Seppia (Squid Ink) – more than enough to feed a family of 5! Followed the recipes I found for Risotto al Nero di Seppia with Calamari from Honestfood (and added my own scallops) and the recipe for Risotto Milanese from Frugal Flambe. Continue reading

Tsukimi Soba 月見蕎麦

24 Dec

Oh how life has changed with D, the little (chubby) bundle of joy, now in our lives! It has been a very long while since I last cooked and of course that causes the posts to lag behind! I’m terribly sorry my dear friends! Nonetheless I did manage to whip up a quick lunch for myself while home with the bub one afternoon and it was a rather ‘spur of the moment’ lunch – just putting together whatever I had available in the kitchen and lo and behold I had myself a bowl of Japanese noodles. I love how sometimes you don’t start out wanting to achieve something but end up pleasantly surprising yourself. Continue reading

A Breezy “Easy Peasy Simply Japanese-y” Cookyn Party

19 Jan

A great big ARIGATOU ありがとう to all who came for the Easy Peasy Simply Japanese-y Cookyn Party! And thanks to the Cookyn with Mervyn team for letting us mess up their kitchen! 🙂

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Watercress and Pork Ribs Soup

18 Oct

I’d been thinking lately about the dishes that I used to make when R and I first moved into our new home. I remember promising myself that once I had my own kitchen I’d make soup everyday – just like my grandmother did and it would help me keep her memory. She always had a whole repertoire of soups for our daily dinners – ABC Soup (tomatoes, carrots,onions and potatoes with pork ribs), White Fungus Soup (white fungus with chicken), Lotus Root Soup (lotus root with pork ribs and peanuts)[莲藕汤], Black Chicken Soup [黑鸡汤], Old Cucumber Soup [老黄瓜汤], Four Essences Soup [四神汤], Watercress and Pork Ribs Soup, Fish and Apple Soup,  Kambing Soup (lamb soup)  etc. She had a soup for everyday slurping and she had soups for specific purposes (boosting immunity, reducing heatiness, building ‘warmth’). Continue reading

Shimeji Pasta シメジパスタ

4 Oct

I had a sudden craving for my favourite Shimeiji Pasta from my japanese cousin M this past weekend and finally got my hands on the recipe! (Thank you, M chan! ♥♥♥) M is a fantasticschmantastic cook with influences from both her Japanese and Singaporean heritage – whipping up recipes with ingredients that are in season. Continue reading

Noodles with Love

19 Sep

Noodles are a big part of the Chinese and Singaporean diet. Anytime I’m feeling home-sick (if I’m far away) or sad, a bowl of hot soupy noodles would definitely put things right! Continue reading


6 Sep

Click on the Picture for a closer look

About 6 months ago, I was asked to be featured on Sunday Times’ Singapore Cooks section -BOY WAS I THRILLED! I think it might have been the trigger point for this blog – I knew that I wanted to share my recipes with people 🙂 Continue reading

Roasted French Duck Breast Salad with Tangerine

16 Aug

I couldn’t wait to get home on Friday evening – Cookyn with Mervyn was going to send me a Box of Gourmet Surprises (BOGS)from his newly launched online gourmet food shopping service – and not only was I surprised, I was super excited about receiving the goodies! Continue reading

Secret Recipe

12 Aug

I’m extremely excited about tomorrow! My friends Amanda and Mervyn (from Cookyn with Mervyn) are going to send  me a box of gourmet goodies together with a recipe that I will then have to whip up! A truly novel idea to launch their new gourmet shopping website! We’ll definitely hear more about it once I have more details!

*Itching to know what the gourmet goodies are!*

Update: The goodies arrived!!!! Click here to see what we whipped up!

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