ไหว้ (Wai) go to Thailand?

31 Jul

Thailand is really just a hop and a skip away from Singapore and I honestly do not remember how many times I’ve been there. Well, you can never get enough of Thailand! Even after so many visits (so much so you know exactly where to turn on the streets to get to your favourite shopping/ food haunt – you know how you get w countries to go to often? you just make a beeline for your creature comforts?), there’s always something new to see/ try! And that’s wai (pun intended) you’ll never tire of Thailand! And despite this trip being a work trip, my eyes were opened to new found delicacies and tummy was comforted to revisit old favourites! Let’s count them:

Kuay Teow Soup (Spicy)

This is really just like Singapore’s Fish Ball Noodles with a light and savoury broth and thin rice noodles. Very refreshing for a light morning meal 🙂

Coconut Pancake with Corn

This was the first time I’d tried this and it was YUMMY! It’s like a cross between Takopachi and Mua Chee with a rich coconut flavour and filling.

Mango Sticky Rice ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง (Khao Niao Mamuang)

Mango Sticky Rice and Red Ruby rank as my top 2 favourite Thai desserts. Just the right thing for a sunny afternoon in the shade in Hua Hin from a small push cart in town. You really get the best foods when you travel with locals. Sweet Thai Mango paired with Coconut Infused soft Glutinous rice, drizzle coconut milk and sprinkle dried yellow beans – dig in!

Heading on down a beach-bound lane in Hua Hin, we stop by a road side joint for some Northern Thailand (E-sarn) fare.

Top to Bottom:
Yum Woon Sen (Glass Noodle Salad with Prawn and Pork) – my acid test for good Thai Food (another acid test is Tom Yum soup) but honestly in Thailand you can’t get bad food it’s like how you can’t get bad food in Japan.

Green Papaya Salad with Soft Shell Crab (Som Tum Poo)  – tangy and salty. But a word of caution and also a note to self: don’t ingest the soft shell crab, just chew it for flavour (or don’t) and spit it out.  I ate the damn thing and I wasn’t a pretty sight for the rest of the stay. (no pun intended with the name of the salad 🙂 )

Braised Pork Legs (Khao Moo) – soft and tender with meat falling off the bone steeping in a soupy slightly thickened gravy. Wasn’t too salty and just reminded me of home (Singapore’s Tih Kah 猪脚)

Looking forward to the next trip!


One Response to “ไหว้ (Wai) go to Thailand?”

  1. makeupsubscribe January 2, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    Always welcome to Thailand 😉

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